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Round-arched halls and shelters

Everything covered

The round-arched hall is a universal shelter that fulfils the various needs in the areas of storage and shelter. 


The Shelterall ® is ideal for storing hay or straw, or as a shelter for equipment, vehicles, caravans, timber, boats, construction machinery or entire building sites. There are no limits to its use!


Whatever the ground conditions, the structure is always erected without foundations. Anchoring is carried out using screw, hammer or plate anchoring, depending on the nature of the ground.


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SHELTERALL® is a modular metal-textile construction and quick to assemble. The solution meets the storage and shelter needs of professionals in industry, construction and civil engineering, agriculture and municipalities. The optimised design of the arched hall offers a cost-effective solution for storage.


SHELTERALL® benefits from 50 years of experience of the French manufacturer Richel Group, European market leader in greenhouse construction with foil cladding. With more than 10,000 storage sheds in 15 years, Richel Group is the European market leader in steel-framed polytunnels.


Our strengths:

Standardised solutions for your company

Fast assembly

SHELTERALL® can be dismantled, relocated and extended

Proximity to our sales team and distributors in Europe


Numerous applications: In agriculture as a shelter, feed storage, livestock tunnel, cow shed, sheep shed, goat shed, pasture tent, grain storage, timber storage, machine hall - In industry as a material store, industrial hall, sand and salt storage, recycling hall, container shelter - In other sectors as a riding hall, aircraft hangar, winter shelter for boats and caravans, construction site shelter.

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SHELTERALL® covers numerous areas: Storage of straw bales, hay storage, cow sheds, sheep sheds, goat sheds, pasture tents, timber storage, wood chip storage, machinery sheds, grain storage.



SHELTERALL® serves as a simple and optimal solution for the storage of bulk goods, as a storage area for industrial products, as a warehouse or as a shelter for machines and equipment.



SHELTERALL® develops standardised solutions for the storage of gravel and aggregates or as a recycling canopy and shelter for machinery or equipment.

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SHELTERALL® is also suitable for use as a riding arena, aircraft hangar, mobile shelter for technical services or as a winter shelter for caravans and boats.


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